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Our School


Our school was built in 1964. Nestled in the very center of the city of Cranston, RI, the building has housed thousands of young people in grades Pre-K to Six. 


This year, we are expecting to serve over 360 students; many of whom have had siblings, parents, and even grandparents who have attended Glen Hills. We also have a few teachers who are alumni. This is a testimony to the stability of the community.


Glen Hills School is much more than brick and morter; the true strength of our school is the people who inhabit it. Or staff members, students, and families have great pride in their neughborhood school, as evidenced by the 500 people who attended our 50th Anniversery celebration.


In addition to the fine academics at Glen Hills - we were rated as "Commended" by the RI Department of Education in 2014 -  we are proud to say that our students and their families are among the most generous and community-minded folks that will find anywhere. each year, we support a number of charities and raise funds and other tangible items for community members who suffer loss or other hardships.


Finally, we are fortunate to have a very strong Parent-Teacher Group known ast the PTGH. In addition to raising funds for school programming, this group organizes a number of community-building events that provide activities and entertainment for our students and their families.


There are many fine elementary schools in Cranston, RI. But there is something special about Glen Hills Elementary School. One only has to step through our doors to find out why...